Biden Talks Tough on Gun Control, But the Words Don’t Sound Right - Yuri A /

Was it a win or a loss for President Joe Biden and gun control? Those who are supporters of gun safety rules could see it as a win. Citizens in the United States can no longer legally buy or sell what is known as “ghost guns.” These are firearms that have no serial numbers and can be purchased without having a background check.

The way that President Biden accomplished this was not the common way gun laws are initiated. He made this move through executive action so he did not have to deal with lawmakers who are not quite cooperative.

The president strolled into the White House Rose Garden to an event where there were members of Congress and gun control advocates and declared like a western sheriff, “If you commit a crime with a ghost gun, expect federal prosecution.”

President Biden held a gun in his hand at the Rose Garden event to show how easy it was to buy the parts of a gun that can’t be traced and easily put together.

Biden said with the gun in full view, “This is the gun. It’s not hard to put together. Anyone can order it in the mail. Anyone … a felon, a terrorist, [a] domestic abuser [can] go from a gun kit to a gun in as little as 30 minutes.”

The police are reporting a massive amount of guns like this at crime scenes across America. There were 20,000 “ghost guns” reported to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives last year, according to the president’s report. This is 10 times more than was reported in 2016.

The new rule from Biden bans the manufacture of the most accessible ghost guns that come in what’s known as a “buy, build, shoot” kit that people can purchase online or at a store. They are free to do this without any background check and easily assemble them at home.

Along with this ban, those who sell firearms are now supposed to take any unserialized guns into inventory so that they can have serial numbers put on them.

This move by Biden is considered by Democrats to be a political win when they desperately need one. The president has been under intense pressure from gun safety advocates. One of them who survived a school shooting was at the Rose Garden event for the announcement.

But this so-called “win” for the president was also a sign of darker days ahead. President Biden is finding it more difficult to get his agenda through a closely divided Congress. And as the midterm election looms in the not too distant future, things look even grimmer.

Instead of enjoying the confirmation of Biden’s nomination to the Supreme Court, Democrats heard comments from the GOP that if Biden should get to nominate another justice, things would be much more difficult for him.

President Biden rebranded his “Build Back Better” plan this year as “Building a Better America.” But the new name did not produce a clearer path. It is still just about dead in the Senate, and White House officials only have hope for pieces of the total agenda.

The future of gun control for Biden has a cloudy path through the legislature. Even in the chaos of school shootings and other mass shootings across the nation, Congress has maintained defiance in approving limits on gun ownership. Legislation requiring universal background checks has been a tough sell as well.

Biden is trying to talk tough about guns, “It isn’t extreme. It’s just basic common sense.” But the sun seems to already be set on any leverage his administration might have on this important American issue.