White House Gets Cranky About Mask Mandate Ruling

fotoliza / shutterstock.com

Masks have been going away for over a year – yet we were still forced to wear them on planes and through airports. It was a ridiculous federal mandate.

Finally, the mask mandate has been ruled illegal – and people are finally allowed to travel without a mask. It only makes sense, too. After all, if COVID isn’t a concern for the illegal migrants passing through the southern border of the U.S., it shouldn’t be a concern for us who want to travel.

To say that the White House is salty about it is an understatement.

First, let’s see what happened.

A federal judge in Florida ruled that the CDC’s mask mandate that applies to everything from air travel to train and bus travel is illegal.

Now, if you remember, the Biden administration just extended the mandate for another two weeks because they believe the “science” points to it. Virtually every doctor in the U.S. says that the science does NOT support such a thing, so it’s easy to see why the federal judge would strike down the mandate.

RedState reported that the response from the White House was “one of petulance.”

Fox News’ Peter Doocy was there to challenge Jen Psaki during a quick press release where she said that the decision to strike down the travel mask mandate was “obviously a disappointing decision.”

Her choice of words was unusual. Why was that disappointing? Why would anyone want this mandate to continue? We can go almost anywhere without a mask at this point in the pandemic. And airlines have been saying that the air ventilation systems on planes are better than anywhere on the ground.

Doocy pointed out the hypocrisy. “Why is it that we can sit here in the White House briefing room with no masks, but people can’t sit in an airplane cabin with no masks?”

It’s the question we’ve all been asking – but the Democrats haven’t wanted to answer it because they’d have to let go of some of their power.

Of course, Psaki’s response was one where she identified that neither she nor Doocy was a doctor.

Doctors have been saying that masks actually do very little to prevent the transmission of COVID. And even the vaccinated are going to get COVID. The reality is that COVID is not the threat that it used to be. Getting COVID is generally little more than the common cold for the average person who is in good health.

That means that we need to allow people to live their lives. Instead of removing people from planes because they want to breathe, they should be allowed to decide whether they want to wear a mask or not.

Finally, a federal judge agrees. It means that if you are catching a flight in the near future, you can leave your mask at home. And if you’re taking a bus or a train or a subway home from work, your mask doesn’t have to smother you.

We’re free.

The only people you hear screaming about it are the Democrats in power.

The Democrats are in trouble, too. As Kayleigh McEnany tweeted, “Just now, the flight attendant on my plane announced ‘breaking news’ in confirming that we can take our masks off. Cheers and clapping erupted.”

People don’t care about the politics as much as the Biden administration believes. People want to breathe – and they want the freedom to choose what is right for them. The administration has proven that they’ll support a mandate that is illegal – and that will certainly be reflected as people cast their votes at the end of the year and again in 2024.