Of Course, Florida Beat NY and CA in COVID Response Study

Shyntartanya / shutterstock.com

As COVID and its subsequent pandemic continue to wane, for the most part, studies are now being conducted on the overall effectiveness of how we responded to it. And the results are pretty much what most of us have known for some time: We don’t need the government telling us how to live our lives and what medical decisions to make.

The proof lies in the conclusions from a 20-page report from the Committee to Unleash Prosperity. Each U.S. state was studied in-depth on three major variables: economic performance throughout the pandemic, impact on education, and, of course, health outcomes/mortality rates.

What was found was states with conservative leaders and, therefore, a more science-based and commonsense approach to the virus faired far better than those who chose draconian policies – in every category.

And just to be clear, the study wasn’t conducted and written by a bunch of conservatives who have some extreme bias. Instead, it was authored by those like Stephen Moore, a Wall Street Journal writer, University of Chicago economist Casey Mulligan, and Phil Kerpen, a free-market policy analyst.

According to the research and the comparison of that data, states like California, New York, and New Jersey, some of the strictest by far when it came to COVID policies, “were among the worst” in all three subjects.

Perhaps this was because overly ambitious and power-hungry leaders like the former and now disgraced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made policy decisions that put literally thousands of our most vulnerable, our elderly, directly into harm’s way by ordering them back into nursing homes despite positive test results. As I am sure you have heard, the result was the unnecessary spread of the disease and the death of some 11,000 in that state alone.

And other liberal-led states like New Jersey and Michigan made similar policy decisions.

But that’s just the mortality rates talking. What about how education was affected?

Well, as you likely know, in states like California, Illinois, and New York, state and local leaders decided it would be best if schools of all kinds were shut down indefinitely, or at least until the worst was over. But of course, their ever-present fear-mongering, and the increased power they achieved from it, made certain that another threat, another variant, another wave was always around the corner.

In some areas, children of all ages went without in-person learning for over a year. That’s over a year of not being able to interact with others their own age. A year of not learning critical social skills, a year of only learning through a screen. And I can tell you, as a parent, eLearning is a very poor substitute for the real thing, even my 14-year-old who hates school will tell you that.

Additionally, those school closures only made it that much more impossible for parents to return to work and rebuild our economies.

Now, let’s look at the other end of the spectrum. Who was at the top and performed the best in all categories?

Well, of course, states like Florida, Utah, Nebraska, South Dakota, Vermont, and Montana. You will note that all six of these have Republican governors who refused to shut their states, businesses, and schools down when the virus hit, at least not for very long.

As a result, these leaders were practically attacked by both liberal leaders, including the Biden White House, and Democrat-backed media outlets.

But now, as the results make clear, theirs was the better decision by far.

As Moore summarized, “In a study of economics, education, and health during COVID-19: Florida was right all along, and California was wrong. Shutting down life as we know it was a BIG mistake for Democrats!”

As it turns out, the American people are not young children who need to be told what to do about every little thing. If given the chance, we can and, as this study proves, do make the right decisions for ourselves.

In states like Florida, Montana, South Dakota, and so on, we were allowed to flourish, prosper, and make our decisions about work, school, and our own health. And now, on the tail end of the pandemic, our trustworthy leaders and we have come out on top.

It’s also another reason that so many Americans are learning that liberals can’t be trusted to lead…