Grab Your Bricks and Pepper Spray, Inflation Will Guide Us Back to Social Unrest

Candice C /

Inflation and instability are not just problems in the U.S. Across the globe, countries are all dealing with inflated prices, and people no longer being able to afford the goods and services they depend on to make their daily lives happen. Employers can’t pay more without raising prices. British Journalist and financial expert Martin Lewis sees the writing on the wall for the globe if this continues unchecked.

“We need to keep people fed. We need to keep them warm. If we get this wrong right now, then we get to the point where we start to risk civil unrest. When breadwinners cannot provide, anger brews, and civil unrest brews – and I do not think we are very far off.” Lewis isn’t too far off, either. Those in the low and lower-middle-income tax brackets have been robbing Peter to pay Paul for ages. They are familiar with the struggles of making something out of nothing.

So, when that nothing gets reduced even further due to a global pandemic and little relief is being offered they feel backed into a corner. They need the help the most, meanwhile, the liberals in Washington continue to use them as a punch line to explain why they need more funding. Never mind the fact that much of that funding is funneled into special interest groups and pet projects.

In turn, the people that these programs are designed to help are left suffering even more, like the liberals who pushed for these programs celebrate their ‘success’ on television and in interviews. If they don’t watch it, the bread riots that happened in Egypt back in 1977 could come back but now in the U.S. These violent protests resulted in dozens of deaths, all simply because their government refused to help keep things fair for their citizens. The same is happening now under President Biden.

As much as the left tries to pin everything on Trump, we did not see inflation at this rate until Biden showed up and made a mockery of the blueprint for the success he was handed when he took office. These problems aren’t relegated to within the U.S, borders, either. According to the UN, global food prices are at an all-time high. Looking at market forecasts, they don’t look likely to slow down their surge either, much less go back down to pre-pandemic levels.

Reports from the UN showcase just how dire it has become. “Conflict has driven up international prices for wheat, maize, and vegetable oils, as war in the Black Sea region spread shocks through the markets trading in these staples.” While this seems more situational than anything when you consider the spring planting season for Ukraine and Russia is in March-April, these farmers are missing their timing to get things planted, and given the conflict as of late, they may not be returning to a home or land to farm on, anyways.

These two nations produce a significant chunk of the global supply of wheat, corn, and hops. Grains like these aren’t just used for bread products. From cattle feed to beer and even certain medicines, these grains all have their uses and without them, we will have a global shortage even worse than we have now come harvest time. While American farmers might be able to make up for it, the subsidies the U.S. would be paying to keep the value on point for the farmers compared to the cheap overseas pricing is laughable at best.

At this point, the bricks, pepper spray, and torches are all but inevitable. The American people cannot afford this hyperinflation, and the rest of the globe is struggling as well. While the liberals and their friends continue to profit from the conservative blue-collar struggles, they will get their meat hooks in even deeper by way of government mandates. Watch your six boys and girls. It’s going to get sporty out there.