DOD Sends Support to Border…So Illegals Can Enter, Not Exit

Vic Hinterlang /

The border is a mess. We’ve known this for over a year. And with the Biden administration actually choosing to lift Title 42, things are going to get a lot worse. The whole idea of naming Kamala Harris as the “czar” to deal with the problem was all a ruse. It was so that we’d think that everything was under control.

Reality check: everything is spinning out of control.

The Department of Defense is sending support to the border at the request of Homeland Security. That should mean things will get under control quickly, right?

Unfortunately, no. We’re dealing with an administration that truly believes allowing as many illegal immigrants into the country as possible is the right thing to do. We’re offering asylum to Afghans and Ukrainians already. And most who come from Mexico and Central America don’t qualify for asylum.

With Title 42 being lifted, it’s going to be a free for all at the border – and Americans are the ones paying for it all, and not just with tax dollars.

Army Lt. Colonel Chris Mitchell said that contracting support will last for 90 days – but can be extended if necessary.

Essentially, the troops stationed at the U.S. – Mexico border will be providing all sorts of services. This includes transporting migrants, processing migrants, and providing medical services.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was pleased as punch with his decision to approve the request that came from Homeland Security. As he explained to the Senate Armed Services Committee this past week, “We provide enabling support to DHS when and where we can, and where legally possible.”

This is a nightmare, though. And we really have to question whether it is legal or not. I mean, are we really going to use 2500 federalized National Guardsmen to help bring more illegals into the country? If we were going to be using this many Guardsmen, it should be to deport them.

If the numbers were high because we had approved the migrants through the proper channels, that would be one thing. However, the numbers are high because the migrants are literally ignoring our immigration laws and entering through any hole in the fence. They are not going through security checkpoints – and in many instances, they are not being properly vetted before boarding a bus (with a free smartphone provided courtesy of the U.S. government) and dumped into some random city in the U.S.

There is a border mission – but we don’t know what that is.

Air Force General Glenn VanHerck explained that “We need to fully fund and resource DHS to do their mission, and the DoD should be used in extremis times for the support on the border mission.”

As reported by Military Times, though, Austin has been consulting regularly with DHS Secretary Mayorkas – and he hasn’t shared what the end game looks like.

Based on what is going on right now, it’s become clear that we’re not going to like the end game. The end game will be to bring in as many illegal migrants into the country as possible, even if they’re bringing in fentanyl to poison Americans, COVID to infect us, or criminal backgrounds to hurt us.

Authorization for the troops is in place through the end of September. We’ll have to see what happens. One thing is for sure – if we don’t like what’s going to happen, we’ll be taking it out on Democrats at the polls in November.