Ron DeSantis Scores Epic Move After NYC Mayor Adams Attacks Florida Law

lev radin /

It’s funny how liberals forget their place…

The mayor of New York City is Eric Adams. He has taken it upon himself to attack a new law in Florida that lets parents have the final say in what their kids at taught at school. For the longest time, Democrats have tried to strip away parents’ rights to educate their children. The liberals even want to teach them all about sex education and teach them that students can choose to alter their physical appearance and be the opposite sex if they so desire.

Parents have the right to educate their children since they are the ones that raise them and provide for them from the moment they are conceived. And for any lousy Democrat to try and take away is a fundamental attack against the sovereignty of the family unit. There are just some things that should never be taught in school, and sex education is one of those things.

But the Democrats do not stop with sex education. They have also started telling kids that they can choose to change their gender and not even have to tell their parents about it. Adams saw this new law as his chance to make a statement to those living in Florida who he thought were ticked off with the new law.

The media has tried to represent the law as something that it was never intended to be. The law does keep teachers and educational centers from teaching anything related to sexual orientation. It also keeps those entities from teaching gender identity topics. The Democrats want to target kids as young as five years of age. But parents are telling them no. This new law in Florida allows the parents to have the final say in the matter.

Young kids don’t need to be exposed to topics best left in adult minds. All they end up doing is confusing themselves and harming their bodies. To expose young children to horrific ideas that they are something, they do not only put the idea in their heads and fuel their curiosity about what it would be like to be the opposite gender…which is something they will never be able to achieve since genetics will not allow it.

Adams’s role in all the mess is that he thinks most people are upset with DeSantis. So, he has decided to advertise in Florida that people need to move to New York City, where the educational system takes away the rights of all parents. Not only will parents give up their kids, but they will pay high taxes and be told to stay home every time a virus shows up.

Adams is mad that so many people moved to Florida to get away from his city. These people were so sick and tired of being abused that they gave up their lives and started new ones thousands of miles away in a state where people could live free. And somewhere in Adams’s twisted mind, he thinks that people will want to give up paradise to come to live in a frozen torture land run by a bunch of money-hungry Democrats.

The type of city that Adams is trying to create is where a person can speak out and lose their job for speaking their mind. Such was the case for one city employee who questioned the mayor over masks for kids. She lost her job the same day she spoke out against Adams’s mandate. There isn’t a person alive who would honestly want to live in that environment.

Adams attacked enlisted a response from Ron DeSantis. RedState reported on the matter that “DeSantis may have mentioned (I haven’t seen the full presser), New Yorkers actually fled the state in droves and headed directly to Florida during the course of the coronavirus pandemic under the leadership of NY’s disgraced former Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the city’s Mayor Bill de Blasio, which is probably the real reason for New York City’s push to beg people to come back. Not that Adams would want to admit that.”

Adams is another failed Democratic mayor in a long line of slimy liberals that have abused those living in New York City. For Adams to even think that people would want to move north to an area controlled by liberals is absorbed. After all, people living in Florida enjoy the warm weather year-round and do not have to shovel snow wearing a mask.