Nancy Pelosi is Shocked at California Gas Prices…

Alex Millauer /

As you well know, gas prices are ridiculously high right now. And while most of Washington’s response to it has been a very uninterested “so what,” at least one liberal politician says there is a massive problem.

Enter House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

She said, “It costs a lot of money in California. If you drive around in California and see the cost, you think, ‘how could this be?’”

In truth, she’s right. Prices in California are higher than just about anywhere in the nation, with regular unleaded going for as high as nearly $7 per gallon in some areas.

But for Pelosi to say something… Of all the people to have a problem with these high prices at the pump, Pelosi was just about the last on my list. When she starts talking about stuff like this, you know there is a problem.

Then again, as she made it apparent on Thursday when she expressed her shock and awe at the still-rising prices, she also has no real solution and is still more concerned about the effects of fossil fuel than the fact that her constituents are being robbed at the gas station.

Shortly after admitting her shock at California gas prices, she pointed out that nothing about the left’s diabolical “climate change” plan should be altered, proving just how worthless and foolhardy she really is.

She noted, “We cannot allow the fossil fuel industry to use this as an excuse to reverse everything we’re doing to save the planet.”

Ummm, when do you propose we do that then? When our economy completely collapses, and our energy sources become null and void?

The fact is that she has no real idea. I mean, this is a woman who incorrectly claims that the rise in gas prices is not, in fact, the fault of our President and his attack on the energy industry, but instead blamed on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his recent invasion and ongoing war with Ukraine. She calls what we are seeing at the pump the “Putin Price Hike” and insinuated that gas didn’t begin to start rising until he began “circling Ukraine.”

The only problem with this claim, of course, is that it’s completely wrong. In fact, as records prove, the price at the pump started to rise with Biden’s inauguration and his accouchement that he was canceling the Keystone XL pipeline project, which he did on day one in office.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, he also signed an executive order to halt all new oil drilling permits and leases on federal land. Sometime later, he did the same thing for all public lands in the US. Now, he’s put sanctions on Russia, which, while it does negatively effects Putin’s income, also affects how much we are forced to pay for one of our only remaining oil and gas sources.

Additionally, he’s proposed a number of policy changes that will raise taxes on companies that produce oil, implement exorbitant fees on their products, and limit production and sales.

If I didn’t know any better, he is purposely trying to end the energy industry as we know it.

Oh wait, he’s basically admitted that as his goal and promised to have America running on “green” energy sources sooner rather than later. Of course, he has failed to understand that most of America, as well as the US economy, is a long way from the point where that is feasible, either in regards to available technology or the economy.

I mean, he literally suggested that if gas prices were too high, we should all run out and buy an electric vehicle – as if we all have an extra $50,000 just laying around waiting to be spent on such a thing. There is also the fact that those electric cars aren’t all that much more “green” or sustainable than fossil-fueled ones, as the substances their super expensive batteries are made from are some of the rarest on the planet.

But of course, he and Pelosi don’t care. After all, their high-paying government salary doesn’t even allow them to see the strains of the current gas prices or what it costs to switch to an electric vehicle.