GOP Senator Josh Hawley Not Putting Up With the Move to Have Justice Thomas Recuse Himself…It’s ‘Misogynistic’


Republican Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri is not sitting still as his Democratic colleagues are calling for Justice Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from cases focused on the January 6 Capitol riot. These calls are coming because of information that the Supreme Court Justice’s wife, Ginni, was in communication with former President Trump’s chief of staff.

According to some reports, Ginni Thomas urged Mark Meadows to work to overturn the results of the 2020 election. When the Missouri senator was asked about the texts that Thomas sent to Trump’s chief of staff, he told CNN’s Manu Raju that it would be “misogynistic” to suggest that Clarence Thomas would recuse himself. He also said that he should not comment any further on the text messages because Ginni Thomas was a “private citizen.”

Hawley did add this about Thomas, “She’s an independent, adult woman. It just seems a little strange to me all of these calls for her husband to be what, like, minding her better? Frankly, I think it’s kind of misogynistic.”

Hawley said clearly that Justice Thomas is not responsible for everything that his wife says and that she should not have to get his permission before she communicates.

This news has been percolating since the Washington Post and CBS News broke the story of the texts between Ginni Thomas and Mark Meadows last week. And the number of Democrats up in arms about it has been growing. They want Justice Thomas to bow out of the coming cases that focus on the election. They claim there is a conflict of interest that has been created by his wife’s role in working toward overturning the election.

Senator Amy Klobuchar said on ABC’s This Week, “You cannot have a justice hearing cases related to this election, and, in fact, the ethics rules that apply to all the other federal judges say that if it involves a family member—the appearance of impartiality—they have to recuse themselves.”

Both Senators Dick Durbin and Richard Blumenthal agree with this sentiment. Those two senators serve on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Blumenthal even believes that the committee should investigate the matter. He spoke with CNN saying, “I think Chief Justice Roberts ought to demand a public explanation from Justice Thomas, and he must absolutely recuse himself.”

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has also called for Thomas to recuse himself over these text messages from Ginni Thomas that called Biden’s win in the election “the greatest Heist of our History.” He agreed with Blumenthal’s decision that there is an obvious conflict of interest. He said in his own press conference that the information revealed raises serious concern about how close Justice Thomas was to the events of January 6 through his wife. And he closed with the idea that there should be a code of ethics for Supreme Court Justices.

Durbin, Blumenthal, and Schumer aren’t the most aggressive in their stance against Justice Clarence Thomas. There are Progressive Democrats in the House of Representatives who are calling for Thomas to be impeached and removed from his seat on the High Court.

You guessed it, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) is one of them. She wrote a long Twitter thread in which she declared that “Subpoenas, investigations, and impeachment should absolutely be on the table. We shouldn’t have to think twice about that. We must go where the facts take us. A failure to act puts the imperiling of democracy squarely on *our* shoulders. It’s our duty to defend it.”

It’s just too bad AOC doesn’t have someone to keep her in line like she wants Clarence to keep Ginni in line.