Manhattan DA Tired of the Witch Hunt, Looks To Drop Trump Investigation

Evan El-Amin /

The office of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has been busy recently. Two attorneys assigned to the case under the man previously in his position, Cyrus Vance Jr., have resigned and needed to be replaced. While that is difficult enough, the prospect of having to drop the charges has now taken over, as his office is now returning everything to its witnesses.

Former President Trump along with the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg are still facing criminal charges, as the investigation into the accusations of the company breaking tax, insurance, or bank laws by misrepresenting the values of its assets. These are serious allegations, but with evidence being returned, it certainly sounds like there isn’t much of anything there.

DA Bragg must feel very embarrassed, if this is the case. Considering the resignation letter of one attorney Mark Pomerantz was published this past Wednesday, to turn around and drop charges in a week after getting new attorneys assigned, is a rather damning sign for his case. While he had resigned back in February, the leak of his letter and the timing of returning evidence is too close to overlook.

New York Attorney General Letitia James is running the civil part of the joint investigation. This kind of news can only mean there is far less there than previously alleged, and her case may be torpedoed by the early returning of evidence, and the Manhattan DA’s office having so many lawyers resign, and still finding nothing. However, the bar for evidence is far lower civilly than criminally. This means pushing charges to take money from the Trump Organization would be much easier than punishing them for doing the wrong thing.

The Manhattan DA has been on a witch hunt for Trump since 2019. At that point, Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen told Congress that Trump was a tax cheat. Then in 2021, that same DA’s office targeted Weisselberg with claims that he was using valuable perks of the Trump Organization to help him dodge taxes.

The dropping of these charges is not a surprise whatsoever. Even since DA Bragg took office from Vance back on the 1st of January, he has been outspoken about his doubts about the charges. He just never saw enough evidence to suggest that Trump had done something to mislead tax authorities. Given the reliance on deliberate intent to file tax-fraud charges, these would be difficult to prove in most circumstances.

Another interesting twist as of late has been the severing of ties with Mazars in their role as his accounting firm. Their claims, at the time, were that the financial statements he has provided them over the last few years were untrustworthy. The pressure they seemed to be under would certainly explain not only their doubts but their cutting ties with Trump as well. It’s easier to claim difficulties and to walk away to avoid a potential investigation than to stay around and possibly get caught in the crossfire.

Mazars is a well-known accounting firm, and they handle numerous high profile and high wealth clients. Getting involved in this investigation would worry other clients about their alliance with them, as well as them getting their finances swept up in the investigation. No celebrity, high profile person, or wealthy individual wants that. That’s why they pay companies like Mazars so much money, the privacy, and their accuracy of financial literacy. That kind of peace of mind is worth every penny.

As for the witch hunt, there may finally be enough water to douse out the fire once and for all.