Ted Cruz Tells All and Reveals All of Why the Democrats Are the Biggest Hypocrites in the Country

Crush Rush / shutterstock.com

Dick Durbin is one of many dirty Democratic politicians who love to make an issue out of nothing. He is the type of man who is willing to attack and make false claims of people involved if things do not go the way he wants them to. All to try to get out of people what he wants to see done in America. He has lost the ability to speak respectfully to people with a different viewpoint to the extreme that he will soil their names with dirty stories.

The Democrats want to make Ketanji Brown Jackson’s question and answer time about racism. They do not want to investigate her qualifications. They view any question as a racist attempt to keep her from sitting on the bench, which is an ignorant view since there are already those who have and are sitting on the bench from a different background and culture.

The Republicans refuse to play in the dirt and grime with the liberals. They want to know where this nominee stands on critical, vital issues. And even more importantly, they want to know if she will uphold the Constitution and not fall into the trap of agreeing with her party every time she has a chance to do so.

The questions center around Jackson’s view on the Critical Race Theory and where she stands on crime. Her track record of letting sexual criminals off the hook is legendary. But these kinds of questions, to Dick Durbin, are too racist and are an affront to the process. But they are just simple questions that the nominee needs to answer.

Durbin’s big mouth started spouting off, “We’ve heard claims that you’re, quote, ‘soft on crime.’ These baseless charges are unfair. They fly in the face of pledges my colleagues made that they would approach your nomination with civility and respect.”

The questions are respectful and only focus on the views of the candidate. But Durbin wants to try and turn things around and make it look like the Republicans broke their word to stay civil and friendly. He acts like he knows what civility and being nice look like. His party is the ones that make up slanderous accusations and make wild claims that are all proven to be false.

Sasse noted that “The most recent Supreme Court nominee was subjected to repeated accusations that were nothing more than unfiltered religious bigotry against her. The nominee before her was accused of serial rape, aided by [Democratic] members of this Committee. Ted Cruz and Ben Sasse are not about to let the nasty Democrats make their claims and lie about everything. If this process were conducted in good faith, Miguel Estrada and Janice Rogers Brown might well be on the Court today.”

The Democrats are all about making their threats and using fear and intimidation. Sasse pointed out that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer had once threatened two Justices with harm if they did not do what he wanted them to do.

Sasse was not the only one to take action on the comments coming from the Democrats. Senator Ted Cruz pointed out that the nasty liberals had once filibustered Judge Janice Rogers Brown from being nominated to the Court. They did not want her perspective on the law to ruin their liberalism from taking over the country.

Cruz stated that “If you are Hispanic or African-American and you dare depart from [Democrats’] political orthodoxy, they will crush you, they will attack you, they will slander, they will filibuster you.” And the Democrats have the audacity to say that the Republicans are being racist for asking polite questions of the candidate. Their hypocrisy is evident.

The Democrats need the Court to side with them in matters of liberalism. Their thoughts on how the Court should be run mirror that of the media that sits ready to do their bidding at a moment’s notice. The liberals want a court that excuses opposition and rule in their favor. They could care less about the law and the Constitution.