Biden Whines Like Big Baby Over Midterms That Have Not Even Arrived Yet

mark reinstein/

Joe Biden is deeply afraid of what is coming as the midterm elections approach. For some strange reason, the old man believes that the past year and a half has been joyous and delightful times for America. He must think that people love being fired for not getting the vaccine or because the president targeted vital industry projects and shut them down, which cost states billions of dollars in resources and income.

The midterm elections are expected to tip the House of Representatives back into the hands of the Republican Party. That would mean that Joe Biden would lose the ability to pass any illegal bills he has yet to come up with. In effect, the old wicked-out president would become a lame duck and have to be content to sit in his rocking chair and watch the departure time grow ever closer.

Biden was speaking at a rally put on by the Democratic National Convention. It was a meeting that was supposed to be uplifting but ended up being a major downer as the president focused on the gloom ahead for his nutty party.

The midterm elections are put in place to let voters change the course of the country every two years. They have the chance to shut down a president that has betrayed the country by voting the other party into power. And for Biden, it would mean an end of a reign of terror he has put on the people.

Biden sadly stated that “If we don’t do that, don’t do that, it’s going to be a sad, sad two years. Think about Republicans if they controlled the Congress these last two years. I believe we have a record to be incredibly proud of … a message that resonates: Build a better America. Now we have to do the work. Now what we have to do is we have to sell it with confidence, clarity, conviction and repetition.”

His repetitious words were meant to encourage his liberal fan base to rally together and come out and vote multiple times as they did back in 2020. He also tried to sell the “Build Back Better” concept that has already proven to be a bust because of the Democrats that could not support the old man and his fantasy dreams.

President Biden also tried to make it seem that he was behind pulling NATO allies together to fight against Russia. Everything the old man stated was full of lies and gloom. No one sitting in that room could honestly claim that he was an uplifting speaker. The Democrats already know that anyone who aligns themselves with Biden will suffer significant losses in the next few months.

The Daily Wire noted that The Hill ran a story that stated, “The president listed Ukraine as an issue for Democrats to run on, touting the unity of NATO and the U.S. against Russia’s ongoing invasion into its neighboring country and saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin has ‘failed to divide Democrats and Republicans.’ He also noted the record-high price of gas and called it ‘Putin’s price hike,’ rhetoric that the White House has been using to discuss gas prices since Biden announced a ban on Russian energy imports earlier this week.”

All Biden has done is blame his failures are president in Russia. His narrative is the same old story that Hillary Clinton tried to use when fighting against Donald Trump in 2016 for the presidency. The Democrats have used up all their excuses for making mistakes and destroying freedom. They have to keep repeating themselves, and their excuses prove how desperate they are to salvage any hope that might exist for a victory in the midterm elections.

Joe Biden has made a mess of the country, and his party has held his hand through the mess. They are just as guilty of destroying America as Biden himself. Their joint adventure will cost them dearly as the election draws ever closer.