Indiana State Legislature Makes Bold Move and Removes Permit Requirements for Carrying Guns

Michael Bordon /

The state of Indiana legislature is taking matters into its own hands and repealing the permit requirements of owning and carrying guns. The Democrats have over-regulated the freedom to own and carry weapons so much that many people do not have them. But now, in Indiana, people will be able to carry a handgun in public without wielding a permit.

The right to bear arms is entangled in a web of regulations by the liberals that is confusing at best. Republicans in the state know that once freedom is lost, it is next to impossible ever to get it back. The Democrats have been attacking constitutional freedoms for many years. But Indiana has removed all the red tape and is now making it legal to carry a gun in public without a permit.

The new law is not without its issues. Some law enforcement offices are questioning the move because they believe that people will use the guns against the police. But every change will have its unknowns. There is no guarantee that people will fire their guns at the police just because they can.

The Senate passed the bill with a vote of 30 – 20. The House ended up passing the bill 68 – 30. The support is overwhelming. The state of Indiana is a deep red state. The people who live there are as American as one can be. They are not about to let the Democrats or any other group of people take away their freedoms.

Indiana has a unique law that states the governor has seven days to sign a bill or veto it. Once the seven-day window expires, the bill automatically becomes law. Governor Eric Holcomb wants to think through the ramifications of such a bill.

Newsmax has reported that “The bill’s provisions would allow anyone age 18 or older to carry a handgun in public except for reasons such as having a felony conviction, facing a restraining order from a court or having a dangerous mental illness. Supporters argue the permit requirement undermines Second Amendment protections by forcing law-abiding citizens to undergo police background checks that can take weeks.”

The red tape put in place by the Democrats made it time-consuming to purchase a gun. The passage to buy a gun or even get a permit feels like being processed like a criminal for many people. Most people who buy guns do not have a police record and obey the laws.

Senator Eric Kock stated to the opposition that “Criminals already carry firearms without regard for the law. Lawful carry simply puts the law-abiding on equal footing.”

Doug Carter is the State Police Superintendent. He represents one of many groups that oppose the bill. The police like the current law because it gives them a way of screening people. But the ease at the expense of freedom is not a good reason to force every person to jump through hoops and violate their right to bear arms.

People have gotten so accustomed to having their rights taken away that they do not know how to handle them when they are given back. The police will still be able to check and see if a person is allowed to own a gun or not. It will just take a few extra steps.

Carter hates the bill so much that he has stated that anyone who votes in favor of the bill is not a supporter of law enforcement. His statement is unfair and was made to divide and not unite. Just because a person votes to repeal an old regulation does not mean they do not support law enforcement.

The problem with those who hate the bill is that they assume that people do not know how to use a handgun safely. They believe that more people will be killed because guns are strapped to a person’s pocket. Their concerns have never played out well for them when they have used such excuses in the past. Ironically, the opposite has proven to be true. Most criminals will not engage in illegal behavior if they know that there is a chance they will get shot for their efforts at crime.