Progressives Want To Destroy Law Enforcement Even Though Their Party Seeks To Fund the Police

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The Democratic Party comprises a wide range of liberals that span from moderate to extreme lunacy. They have tried to cry for the defunding of police as a unified body, but as it became unpopular, some liberals started demanding more funding for law enforcement. But that divisive decision has led to a split within the Democrats that came out during the president’s prepared speech.

The progressive toddlers that make up the group known as the “Squad” sat in the seats with anger on their faces when the president mentioned that the police would be funded again. Joe Biden attacked the idea of defunding the police and mentioned that it was not going to happen.

POLITICO had reported that the president said “The American Rescue Plan provided $350 billion that cities, states and counties can use to hire more police, invest in more proven strategies. Proven strategies like community violence interruption, trusted messengers working the cycle of violence and trauma and giving young people hope. We should all agree: The answer is not to defund the police. The answer is to FUND the police with the resources and training they need to protect our communities.”

It has taken Biden several years to catch up with that concept. The American people have been yelling out to fund the police and for the liberals to stop trying to make them villains. But the extreme liberals are the ones that support the criminals. They are the ones that support the release of criminals during the COVID-19 pandemic months. And they are the ones that seek to let villains attack the innocent for sport.

Biden’s speech was a bunch of words that people wanted to hear. His actions will prove whether or not he was lying again to the country. Part of his speech also mentioned that he would stop gun trafficking. He would make it his mission to control the things that he could not track.

Emily Brooks is a reporter for the Washington Examiner. She stated that “AOC, Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush and some others do not stand for line about $350B to fund police in American Rescue Plan. Cori Bush also does not stand for line about ‘the answer is not to defund the police.’ Shouts something and points to her shirt….”

The epic moment when the progressives got angry was seen in how they acted. All they could think was of the betrayal they were getting from a man who once promised his undying love and support for the socialist movement. They could not fathom that the man they once pulled the puppet strings for was now thinking on his own.

The progressive trio who protested Biden’s speech were seen yelling out and sitting down in disgust over their realized betrayal. One was so enraged that the president had not released her 18,000 criminals looking for the president to pardon their sins. More proof that the lunacy of the progressive party favors those who commit a crime. They need a defunded police department so their voters can engage in illegal activity whenever they want to do so.

AOC is one of the worst progressives with the way she is lobbying her support for the defund the police idea. She has come to believe the lies that the police are the bad guys and the man waving the gun around threatening to kill people is the good guy. And once that man kills someone, AOC is quick to blame the police and seeks to set the murderer free.

The progressives do not want people to know that, in every region where the police have been defunded, there has been a sharp increase in violent crimes. Murder rates are very high and other violent crimes continue to happen, even during the daytime hours. Joe Biden may talk about funding the police, but his actions will only prove whether his words are the truth. And so far, nothing has happened.