Massachusetts Suddenly Has a Problem With Illegal Grow Houses Popping Up

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When you give an inch, there are always those that will take a foot…or more. That’s the problem that we’re seeing with legalizing marijuana. It wasn’t enough to simply allow for medicinal marijuana. People wanted to get high even if they didn’t have a medical condition. It’s what paved the way for recreational marijuana.

Now, as many states allow people to have “a plant or two” in their homes so that they can have access to cannabis whenever they want, there are people who are taking advantage. How would the state really know how many plants you have? As such, grow houses are popping up – and Massachusetts is developing quite the problem.

In Westfield, police have discovered a fourth marijuana-growing house over the past four months. Indoor drug farmers were arrested for illicitly growing marijuana.

Over 11,000 marijuana plants were found in a single home, all in various stages of growth. In addition to the plants being seized, officers also found over $60,000 in currency as well as various lighting and growing equipment.

The value of the inventory, according to Westfield Police Detective Scott Schuster, is around $28.25 million if he’s estimating low — $113 million if he’s estimating high.

Three of the four suspects were actually pruning the marijuana plants when the police arrived. It was noted that “There was a sophisticated irrigation, water filtration system, artificial lighting system, and air filtration system throughout the entire system.”

We’re not talking about a few potheads who thought they could make a few extra bucks by keeping a few plants alive inside of their home. This was a sophisticated operation that clearly flew under the radar for far too long. It meant that the suspects thought that they could get away with it – and make a few million for their efforts.

Detective Sgt. Brian Freeman was quick to point out that the issue isn’t confined to Westfield. The issue has been spreading across the state in cities such as Granby, Belchertown, and Holyoke. Operations have also been discovered in other states such as California, Colorado, and Washington.

To say that this is a problem is an understatement. It means that people are able to buy drugs off the street without going through any kind of quality control test. It also means that the homes, themselves, are dangerous. Many grow houses block the light from coming in, which can lead to fires – and that’s a scary situation for firefighters.

If the liberals had thought about what could happen with legalizing marijuana so openly, we wouldn’t even be worried about grow houses like this.