Sheriffs Have Had Enough of Biden Dumping Illegals on Them With No Warning; Demands a Warning and Accountability

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Ever since the idea of allowing illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S. was floated around, the one thing nearly everyone could agree on was the need to keep tabs on them and make the local population aware. Even the people who staunchly opposed the idea could agree that if their hand was forced, they would want to know.

Sadly, for many, those updates have never come. They just found out when busses started showing up at 3 in the morning, or when their town was suddenly experiencing a massive surge of immigrants nobody had seen before. There has been no communication with these communities, and their Sheriffs have had enough of the lack of information flowing their way and are now speaking up to change it.

Sheriff Thomas Hodgson of Bristol County, Massachusetts has been one of the most prominent Sheriffs to speak out on the matter. While speaking with The Washington Times, he cut no corners on his biggest issue. “You’re sending them to any county in this country; they need to notify the sheriff of that county who’s arriving. We have a right to know that. If they’re shipping terrorists into our neighborhood, we have a right to know that. Drug dealers, smugglers — we have a right to know that.”

The problem with his argument here is that it’s Americans who have the right to know. The Sheriffs have to know who’s moving into their communities. By knowing the backstory and knowing what is going on, they will have a better idea of where to send patrols, and what they likely should send out with them. For example, in certain parts of LA, you know if the officer responding is not fluent in Spanish, you need to send a translator out with them. It just makes sense to be proactive.

Yet, the Biden administration is not interested in ensuring these Sheriffs have the tools to do their jobs. They rarely know the real back story of these illegals. They certainly don’t know if they are terrorists or drug dealers or smugglers. All they know is the name and story they have been given. Perhaps an ID, if they are lucky. From the people illegally jumping the border under the guise of nightfall, to the asylum seekers who are turning up at the border, everyone has a story, but none of them are sharing it.

Sheriff Mark Dannels of Cochise County, Arizona is dealing with the fight on multiple fronts. He sees the hypocrisy of the government’s efforts to work with people who show up with criminal records to get them into the country anyway. He sees these flights as nothing more than “a political ideology by this administration that erodes the trust of Americans. This ‘willful’ neglect leaves our border communities and country vulnerable and exposed to criminal exploitation by violent criminal cartels.”

Both Sheriffs and many others just like them are spot-on with their analysis of the actions on the ground. The American people are not being allowed to get that knowledge ahead of time on who is being moved into their village by their government. While you normally get little to no voice on who your neighbors are or what they do, in this instance, you have the unique opportunity to get that information.

By not providing this information, the government is also not doing all it can to ensure these migrants (legal or otherwise) are being attended to. It doesn’t do any good to move a family in if they disappear the next week. It’s even worse if nobody ever saw them and the local law enforcement is given nothing to help identify them. All in all, this is yet another failed Biden mission. Considering he doesn’t even want closed borders, is anyone that shocked?