Former NYC Mayor May Finally Have Gotten the Hint…But Maybe Not

mariakray /

Bill de Blasio had his run as New York City mayor. During his time, homelessness spun out of control. Crime skyrocketed. And people were forced to deal with COVID mandates that made absolutely no sense.

Many people poked fun at de Blasio, identifying him as the worst mayor ever. He might not be the worst…those in LA and Chicago are giving him a hard run for his money. It may be safe to say that he’s the worst that NYC ever saw, though.

Once he lost the title of mayor to Eric Adams, he needed to find another role to step into. He considered running as governor of New York. He also considered running for the U.S. Senate.

Unfortunately, people like de Blasio feel as though they can’t survive unless they’re in the limelight. They need the power as a way to keep them warm. They wrap that power around them like a security blanket at night. And since he’s not the mayor anymore, he has to figure out a way to gain power again.

There’s just one thing that he doesn’t seem to understand: no one wants him to have power. He abused it and, therefore, he doesn’t deserve to have any anymore.

De Blasio already decided that he wasn’t going to run for governor. It allowed people to let out a sigh of relief that they wouldn’t have to deal with his bumbling antics on a state-wide level. He made his announcement in a video that was shared on Twitter – and many people agreed with his decision.

Once the run for governor was out of the way, we still had to deal with another problem – his desire to run for the 11th Congressional District.

Now, he’s decided to announce that he won’t be running for this position, either. He’s getting smarter. He may have actually come to the realization that people don’t want him in politics at all.

He tweeted, “I’ve represented the neighborhoods of the 11th CD for years and I love the people who live here.” He went on to say that “I’m certain a progressive can win this seat and serve us in Washington.”

This is the real problem with de Blasio. He’s not looking to make sure that a Democrat wins the seat. He’s just as bad as AOC and the rest of the squad members. He wants a progressive to take the seat – and that can lead to more control, more division, and a stronger push toward socialism.

He hasn’t figured it out yet. One of the reasons why he was unpopular was because he wanted to push a progressive agenda. Americans don’t want that. Even those who have voted as a Democrat for decades aren’t interested in anything that the progressives have to offer.

To vote progressive means to give up the democratic ideals. It means that it’s okay for crime to skyrocket and for people to viciously attack one another.

Democrats are learning, albeit slowly, that the way Americans are saying that they don’t want progressive agendas is by voting red. We saw how it affected the elections in Virginia and New Jersey already – and it’s only a matter of time before it affects the elections in New York, too.

De Blasio may have realized that he’s not welcome in politics any longer, but he’s still clueless about what Americans want (and what America needs).

The former mayor’s ratings remain low, so we are unlikely to see him show up for a political role again.