Democrats Make COVID-19 a Political Nightmare As They Abused the Pandemic for Their Greed

ApostolisBril /

Joe Biden and his Democratic playground buddies have made a serious mess of things in America. The mess they have created is solely related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Biden’s constant push for people at various stages of life to wear masks and his constant attempts to force people to be vaccinated is nothing more than a selfish attempt to grab power. But now that things are falling into an election year, people are standing back and witnessing the horrible mess that the liberals have made of things.

For the better part of a year, the president and his so-called experts have declared that people will die by the millions if the population does not mask up and get the vaccine. They might have been believed had many of these experts not been found running around violating every mask mandate they could find.

The various reports the president’s experts produced were so erroneous that they could not be taken seriously by any educational institute that did honest research into the claims. And each time the president’s remarks and statements were proven false, he would blame others or hide until the issue went away.

RedState has reported regarding the masks that “We’ve been told to wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, wear two masks, wear masks when walking through restaurants but not when sitting. COVID guru Dr. Anthony Fauci pooh-poohed and then demanded we all wear masks without any change in the scientific data. Even now we have the dichotomy of school districts requiring masking while going to a school sporting event is mask-free.” No one could decide if masking was effective, so the president’s people told contradictory statements with nothing to back up their claims.

Biden and his administration also pushed on people that they would have to clean every area that people could have potentially touched constantly. And if that was not enough, the concept of contact-less business emerged. If any sane person thinks things through, there is no contact-less anything. It is another farse that Biden and his lackeys want people to believe. After all, someone had to pack up those shopping bags and place them in the car’s trunk.

There was also a time when asymptomatic people’s spread of the virus was infrequent. But when the Democrats needed to change things up to keep control, they stated that the asymptomatic spread happens. People at this point have no idea what to believe coming from an administration that lies when they need to seize power and control.

Another lie that the Democrats told was that the vaccine would keep every person from coming down with the virus and would put an end to all mask regulations. But somewhere in the liberal storyline, people were commanded to get a series of boosters and to keep social distancing since the virus hates to travel very far.

Joe Biden keeps making things worse for people since he continues to change the pandemic narrative. His liberal buddies also tried to claim that certain events, such as voting, would set off a massive explosion of viral infections. So, the Democrats went with and pushed contact-less voting, which would ultimately give them the means to cheat at elections.

The list of pandemic lies continues to grow. Biden’s changes to the country need a cover story such as the eternal pandemic. Without the threat of sickness, the president will fail to keep his agenda alive. People will see right through his lies and stop listening to the old man talk about his glory days and how he wants to return to those times.

The Democrats hate the country, and there is nothing that they want to do to help people make America great. They want to hurt people and destroy America’s greatness because of its diversity. They would, instead, push their way to the top so they could tell others what to do. They are a hateful regime trying to invade and take over the United States.