Biden Dopes Up and Sends Strong Message of Needing Support by Handing Out Free Drug Instruments

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Joe Biden and his group of drug addicts are looking for ways to attract new voters to their circles. There was a time when politicians were concerned about people smoking and dealing with drugs. But now, under the Biden regime, that thought has changed, and they are looking at using a person’s addiction in their favor. And that is why Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services are handing out tools to help addicts do drugs safely.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that “Applicants for the grants are prioritized if they treat a majority of ‘underserved communities,’ including African Americans and ‘LGBTQ+ persons,’ as established under President Joe Biden’s executive order on ‘advancing racial equity.’” So now, a person’s skin color and sexual preference will play a part in who gets the drugs first.

Biden is a massive screwup on more than one front. He cannot see that by making it easy for people to do drugs that he is helping them harm their bodies. He cannot even see that such behaviors are destructive to people and those around them. But when a man is more concerned with getting votes, there is not much room for genuine compassion and concern for those walking down a path to destruction.

Biden’s decision to hand out drug devices was met with severe backlash. Senators and House members were quick to slam the president to aid addicts’ ability to use illegal drugs. Dan Crenshaw said it best when he noted that “HHS just announced they are funding crack pipes for addicts to promote ‘racial equity.’ In the woke dystopia, facilitating self-destruction is the same as racial justice.”

How Joe Biden can take a crack pipe and make it about racism is beyond reason. Any person caught with a crack pipe is arrested in most states. To even have such a device in one’s possession is a felony. And along comes old man Biden handing out illegal devices on the streets. By all rights, the president should be arrested and charged with 30 million counts of having drug devices in his possession with intent to distribute.

The Democrats would rather drug up the minority and keep them under their boot to continue to push the racist narrative in America. If the liberals truly cared about helping the poor move up in America, they would stop handing out drug devices and start helping these people get off welfare and start working hard for themselves. But that will never happen since the Democrats want to control people.

Some of the backlashes have even been mixed with the pandemic issues. Biden would rather keep prohibiting those sick with COVID-19 from getting the monoclonal treatment and hand out crack pipes instead. $30 million is the price tag to hand out crack pipes. Biden should be spending that money on COVID-19 treatment and research. But the so-called pandemic is not an issue in an election year where the voters are tired of pandemic lockdowns.

Another point against Biden is that he was compared to Donald Trump, who wanted to invest the millions in businesses in black communities, but Biden wanted to drug them all up. There is a fundamental difference between the focus of the Republican Party and the liberals who want to keep abusing people instead of helping them.

Republicans want to build up these communities, but the Democrats want to hold them under the water and watch them struggle to breathe. The liberals have no concern for life or the people they hurt along the path to gaining power.

They even lie about their actions, as proven by Xavier Becerra, the Health and Human Services secretary. He stated that his organization’s focus is to help people break addictions and keep from harming their bodies. And that is why they are issuing these safe drug kits to addicts. It is not the device that harms a person but rather what the person puts into it. If Becerra and Biden cared about people, they would seek to help them break drug addiction and find ways to take back their lives.