Fundraising Shows There’s a Lot of GOP Support

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Every candidate needs funds in order to run for a political position. The money is used for ads, for traveling to various cities and/or states to give speeches, and for getting their name out there.

Fundraising tactics vary dramatically. Some will host dinners, others will hold auctions, while others simply launch websites that ask donors to make a contribution.

Some candidates do very well for themselves, raising millions in a short period of time. Those who do the most fundraising are usually the ones that make it a lot further into the primaries. Why? It shows that they have support. It also provides them with enough funding to keep their names relevant.

As fundraising for the 2022 midterms starts to heat up, there’s a trend that should be talked about.

The GOP candidates are getting more funds – and that shows that there are more Americans willing to throw their support behind the conservative voices.

When it came to fundraising throughout 2021, to prepare for the midterms, pro-Republican super PACs were able to considerably outraise more than their Democratic counterparts.

Fox News reported that the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) along with its nonprofit sister organization American Action Network, brought in an impressive $110 million throughout 2021. These funds are responsible for backing House Republicans in the biggest races. The pro-Democrat House Majority PAC and House Majority Forward organization only raised half of that — $55 million, during the same time period.

Here’s the more exciting part that we need to pay attention to. CLF said that their 2021 numbers doubled in previous years that they had, including 2019.

CLF’s president Dan Conston reported to Fox News that “We’ve shattered every record this year, which is a testament to the turbo-charged enthusiasm behind our effort to win the House and stop out-of-control Democrat rule.”

Conston seems to be on the right track. It appears that people are coming out of the woodwork to throw their money behind Republican candidates.

The red wave has already been seen in quite a few state elections, including Virginia and New Jersey. It shows that people are tired of the liberal politics and the lockdowns and all of the other progressive agendas that are being shoved upon the country.

People want to see a change. And they know that in order to see a change, they have to support the right candidates.

Money talks, and it’s saying that the Republicans are in high demand.

Fundraising numbers are likely to continue to follow this pro-GOP trend. Many top Democratic donors have already told Democratic leaders such as Schumer and Pelosi to not expect any more money. They’re not looking to support the Dems, especially while the $1.7 trillion social spending package is stuck in hiatus.

The money that the GOP is getting will make it easier to flip the seats in the House as well as the Senate. The focus has to be the House, though, especially as Democratic leaders look to change congressional maps to their favor, such as what is happening in New York.

If the maps get changed, it means that there will be more Democratic districts and more Democratic voters. It could mean having to flip even more than the perceived five in order to get the majority.

As long as the fundraising continues in the way it has over the past year, GOP candidates should get all of the lift and support that they need.