Democrats Prove They Will Be Nothing But Sore Losers Come Midterms (and Are Being Petty Until Then)

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The Democratic Party has gone out of its way to try and make it seem that millions of people cannot vote. They tell the story of how voter suppression is a significant problem when every person in America who can vote has an equal opportunity to do so. But the fake narrative they tell is nothing more than a push for them to be able to pass voter reform bills that will open up new avenues for them to commit fraud.

The liberals want people to think that the Republican Party is trying to keep people from being able to vote. In many states that passed voter reform bills, it was a typical cry from the left that Republicans are trying to keep people from being able to vote. And the moment that any laws pass that enhance voting rights, the left resorts to name-calling and violence in a last-ditch effort to shame people for supporting election integrity.

The states that have passed new voting laws have opened up new ways for people to vote. The Democrats hate the laws in Georgia because it removes the ability to commit voter fraud or at least makes it extremely hard. But the liberals would have the public think that people cannot vote in Georgia even though all people have more ways of voting than ever before.

The Democrats have blasted out that all Republican voting laws are sexist and racist at their cores. Even big mouth Elizabeth Warren stated that the Republicans could only win by keeping people from voting. And if that were true, she certainly would have a position in politics.

Such remarks are at the core of the Democratic Party. They could not fathom that fair and free elections would end their evil reign of power. And when they lost their power in Virginia, they lost their minds.

Glenn Youngkin would step in as the new governor and get right to work. But the Democrats would maintain that he could only win by suppressing the right to vote. The Democrat’s losses in the state could never have been because they wanted to push Critical Race Theory or tell parents that they could not protect their kids.

Youngkin wanted to pray for everyone when he first took office. And that kind gesture was met with a bitter attack from Don Scott, a nasty Democrat. Scott would bellow out that “So far what I’ve seen from his day one activities is that he’s not a man of faith, not a Christian, but someone who wants to divide the commonwealth, someone who wants to cause division. I know the truth hurts. I don’t want to make you cry like saying Critical Race Theory.”

The truth is that people like Don Scott are ungrateful losers who cannot take a bump on the chin when they lose power or an election. Instead of being grateful that Youngkin wanted to pray for him, all he could do was verbally attack and call the man a racist because he did not buy into the liberal poison being rejected by the people.

Scott’s words would not go unchallenged. Nick Freitas is a Republican who is sick and tired of the attacks. He would say, “Enough. I have had it, my constituents have had it, and I am no longer going to sit here while a member of this body accuses us of being bigots simply because we disagree on policy.”

Scott was calling people names simply because they disagreed with him. But his reaction is typical of every Democrat. They never have any ground to stand on when it comes time to debate. They expect everyone to agree with them because they are liberal. But that is not how a democracy works. There will be discussion points, and at some point in time, a compromise will need to be reached to make new laws adequate for all.

The liberals no longer know what it means to be American. They live in a world where they think they can make up all the laws and call people names every time there is a difference of opinion. It proves they’re going to be sore losers as they begin to lose their foothold as the midterms come and go.