Dems Want to Debate Even Firing a Gun

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The Democrats have proven time and again that they are not fans of the Second Amendment. They don’t like when people own guns, and they certainly don’t want to allow people to fire a gun.

We have to pay attention to what the Dems are trying to do. What is considered good and bad when it comes to gun ownership? Obviously, walking around with a gun and threatening people is bad. So is actively killing people.

However, is there anything actually wrong with firing a gun? Plenty of people do so, legally, as it allows them to practice their marksmanship.

According to Dems, this is bad – very, very bad. And they’re willing to fight to prevent a gun from being fired in the city limits of Louisville, Kentucky.

There are three Democrats on the metro council of Louisville that wants to push an ordinance that would ban discharging a firearm inside of city limits.

What does this really do, though? Well, according to the three liberal members, they want to cut down on the possibility of stray bullets hitting innocent people.

Is this kind of thing happening often? Not really.

This is yet another garbage ordinance that the Democrats try to cook up as a way to limit gun usage. However, it only impacts those who are already law-abiding citizens. It’s like we have to remind the liberals all the time, criminals don’t follow the rules. They’ll use guns that are stolen, they’ll fire a gun in city limits, and they’ll commit cold-blooded murder if it suits them.

The ordinance is not going to stop any criminal in their tracks to think, “Oh no, I can’t shoot someone here, I’m in the city limits.” To think that it will deter any such thinking is just ridiculous.

Some residents are in support of the ban – and much of it has to do with how citizens will fire guns into the air on various holidays, such as the Fourth of July. It scares the children.

Okay, but does it kill the children? No. On holidays where fireworks are common, such as the Fourth of July, it would be hard to determine what is a firecracker and what is a gunshot. Still, the Courier-Journal noted that “Louisville’s 911 center received 325 calls for shots fired” on the holidays of New Year’s Even and New Year’s Day.

There are much easier ways to limit the number of 911 calls while still allowing gun owners to have rights.

If the council members were to get their way, it would make it very difficult for gun owners to stay on the legal side of things. Firing a gun in self-defense? Illegal. Firing a gun for practice? Illegal.

Did they ever think that it should just be a ban to point a gun straight up into the sky and fire? No. Because they don’t really care about protecting citizens from stray bullets. They just care about blocking the use of guns, even if it is for those who are following the law and being extremely safe.

Bill Hollander, one of the members pushing for the ordinance explains, “No one thinks it will solve our gun violence crisis but it will give our police officers another tool and they need that tool.”

Do they, though? This sounds like an ordinance that will do absolutely nothing to help – and there are so many other tools that would benefit the police force.