Doctor Makes Claim That Vaccine Is Better Than Immunity To Fight COVID-19

giuseppelombardo /

The liberal left is stepping up their narrative that the only way to beat the COVID-19 virus is for all people to get a shot of the vaccine. They never say that many of the new infections are fully vaccinated. And they certainly are not telling the truth about how the Omicron variant is resistant, and it does not make any difference in fighting the virus. But the one thing that they cannot tell is the truth regarding natural immunity.

The COVID-19 virus is a nasty bug that has changed the lives of millions of people. It has taken lives and even made some people so sick that their quality of life has changed forever. But the real injustice is how the Democrats have taken the pandemic and used it for their political purposes.

The liberals have found yet another wacky doctor to voice an opinion in favor of the vaccine while at the same time downplaying the superiority of natural immunity. Dr. Ashish Jha is the Brown University School of Public Health dean. He claimed that a complete vaccination and booster regiment is the only way that a person can stay free of the hospital if they were to catch the virus.

His statement contradicts itself since he would maintain that the vaccination regiment would keep people from getting the virus. But, then, he claims that it will keep them out of the hospital once they catch it. But he still expects people to trust his words of wisdom.

People who have had COVID-19 still have a natural immunity in their blood years after the initial infection. And those who had the vaccine were found to have a reduced amount in their blood. Dr. Jha still thinks that the vaccine is the best way to go. He has seen the study that contradicts his statements but chooses to ignore it.

He rationalized his beliefs by stating, “I understand the theory when asked whether it might not make sense for people to catch omicron on purpose since it is weaker than previous variants. I just finished off a two-week service in the hospital [and] saw a lot of people who were very, very sick with omicron. I understand that it is less deadly than delta, but it’s still pretty serious for a lot of folks, and everybody I saw in the hospital who was really sick was either unvaccinated or had not gotten a booster and was kind of elderly and chronically ill.”

But not according to Dr. Jha, who keeps telling people that they need to protect themselves with a vaccine that is barely effective at this stage in the pandemic. He thinks that people will infect themselves to have the antibodies in their system. No one in their right mind would want to be infected. But the science behind natural immunity cannot be ignored. And science is telling the world that natural immunity is far better.

Jha attacked the study by stating that it does not matter how many antibodies are in a person’s system. What matters to him is when they get sick and end up in the hospital. He dismissed the idea that the antibodies would keep the person healthy if the virus showed up again. The body keeps a record of the infection, so it will release its immunity and keep the person healthy when it shows up again.

The vast majority of people are not opposed to the vaccine. They are opposed to how it was developed and how it is being pushed on people by the lousy liberals and one named Dr. Jha, who cannot seem to tell the truth if his life depended on it.

All the science in the world points out that the vaccine and boosters are not doing an excellent job with the new variants. It is time to get back to the drawing board and develop a vaccine to keep pace with the variants. And in the meantime, they can develop the vaccine using other methods that do not violate the moral code of life for those that do not want to get the shot.