Democrats Turning the Story Around and Trying To Tell People the Republicans Committed Mass Fraud in the 2020 Election

Johnny Silvercloud /

The Democrats are pulling out all the fake stories to try and discredit the Republican Party. Dana Nessel is the nasty liberal who is the Attorney General for Michigan. And she is trying to force a case that would charge several Republicans with fraud during the 2020 presidential election. It is the same story that Donald Trump had proved about the Democrats, but the media would not report on the truth like it was supposed to do.

Nessel claims and several Republicans claimed to be electors of the state when they were not supposed to be. The old lady cannot make up her mind to either pursue charges now or wait and let the federal prosecutors investigate the matter. She is simply biding her time until she can use the accusations as a weapon against the Republicans further down the road as the election period draws closer.

Nessel revealed that “Seemingly there’s a conspiracy that occurred between multiple states. So if what your ultimate goal is, is not just to prosecute these 16 individuals, but to find out who put them up to this, is this part of a bigger conspiracy at play in order to undermine the legitimate results of the 2020 presidential election, not just in Michigan but nationally? … It creates jurisdictional issues.”

The 2020 presidential election was hot-wired with Democratic fraud. The lousy liberals tried to cheat their people into power by flooding the system with harvested ballots and performing massive recounts. But the liberals want to turn the matter around and blame it all on the Republicans now that a new election year has surfaced.

Nessel also revealed that she was waiting for the right time when she said, “I feel confident we have enough evidence to charge if we decide to pursue that. Again, I want to clarify that I haven’t ruled it out. But for all the reasons I stated, I think it’s a better idea for the feds to pursue this.”

Instead of turning the matter over to the federal agents, she wants to drag her feet. Her endgame is to use the issue as a weapon to discredit the Republicans, hoping that people will see them as criminals and not vote for them later in the year.

The Republican Party has responded by pointing out the games she tries to play. She wants to score big over the competition, and inventing fake stories is just how to get the job done.

The 16 Republicans in question showed up at the state Capitol to make themselves the electors that would ultimately be cast for the presidential outcome for the state.

It was thought and later found that the nasty Democrats had rigged the election to favor old man Biden during that time. The Republican Party was ready to cast its votes once the truth was known. There is nothing wrong with being ready to take over once the cheaters are exposed.

Michigan was not the only state to send notification of other electors to the federal government. Arizona and Pennsylvania also had their set of Republican electors ready to go. All three of these states were targets of the liberals during the election. But for Nessel to pull the issue out of the trash can is strictly a political move that will backfire in her old face.

Federal-level Republicans also asked for a 10-day audit period before the certification process took place. Senator Ted Cruz led the effort to fight for fairness so the integrity of the elections could be preserved.

The level of fraud allegations was so high that it warranted an investigation. But the Democrats did not want any investigation to occur because they knew that they had created. Had the election been fair, the Democrats would have agreed to the audit to prove that it was honest. But they knew that they had committed massive fraud and did not want to get caught with their pants down again.