MLK’s Niece Slams Biden for Pulling Race Card…

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As you’ve likely heard a few times over the past few weeks, Democrats are trying to pass a bevy of new voting legislation, and soon. The basic idea here is that since their 2020 elections went so swimmingly, in that they flipped the Senate, albeit, by the slimmest majority possible, and the White House to their side, they need to make sure that any and all voting regulations that helped them achieve that need to become permanent and not just used during a crisis such as the COVID pandemic.

As it stands, they are currently looking at some rather massive losses, both in the Senate and House of Representatives, so much so that both are pretty much a given that they will be flipped back to a Republican majority, not that it will take much. Only one seat is needed to turn to the GOP in the Senate. And in the House, a mere five is all that required for the Democrats to lose their power.

This means that things like ballot harvesting, drop boxes, universal mail-in voting ballots, and no voter IDs are a must.

Proposed legislation like the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote act would make sure these fraud-fraught voting mechanisms would be allowed to continue, if not be expanded.

Unfortunately for them, the filibuster, as one of the only tools left to the minority party in the Senate, is holding them back. And as such, the Democratic Party is calling for its end.

According to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, it’s putting our entire democracy at risk. President Joe Biden has called it a “relic of the Jim Crow era,” and to many more on the left, it’s wasting precious time and money.

And when it comes to its use as a deterrent for voting “reform,” those same individuals have been distressed even more. Biden said on Monday that not letting these bills pass was an “assault on our freedom to vote.” And Pelosi said it was all about “suppressing the vote.”

They even dared to bring the late and great Martin Luther King Jr into the discussion, as the day we honor him nationally took place on Monday, as well.

Pelosi said that if we wanted to really honor MLK, we needed to get rid of the filibuster and allow widespread voting changes. And Biden called anyone against such moves a “domestic enemy.”

But as it turns out, MLK would have likely been against both ending the filibuster and adding these new voting laws.

And to insist that the Democrats’ way is what he would have wanted is nothing more than “stirring up emotions” and “playing the race card” to those who come from MLK’s lineage.

Take his niece, Alveda King, for instance.

King, as any MLK family member, is very familiar with both the beliefs and teachings of her late uncle. As she said during an appearance of the “John Solomon Reports, MLK was both a prophet and preacher long before he took up the cross of civil rights. As such, he was a man of “faith, hope, and love.”

According to Alveda, as well as the multiple recordings of MLK himself, his messages were not about spreading fear or condemnation. Instead, they focused on what we could do as a nation if we were to pool our resources, join together, and love one another despite our differences and cultural upbringings, despite our skin color or even our politics.

And yet, for the political left, all they seem to focus on is fear.

And right now, the fear being spread is that if these anti-safe voting laws are passed, our democracy and voters will suffer. Biden even said the 2022 midterms would be “illegitimate” if “these reforms” weren’t passed.

As Alveda said, essentially, the left is telling voters to “Be afraid, be very afraid.” And her uncle would not be for that, not in the slightest.

But, of course, the Democrats always think they are right and that their way is the best. It’s too bad the rest of America doesn’t see it that way.