6 Former Navy SEALS to Take on Pelosi in Run for Congress

Camp1994 / shutterstock.com
Camp1994 / shutterstock.com

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made it quite clear over the last few years that she has no real intention of giving up her seat of power any time soon. At age 81 and a decades-long career in the chaos of Washington, one might think that she might soon be looking forward to a life that is more settled down, you know, time to spend with her children and grandchildren before she dies.

But it seems she has no such plans.

However, it might not really be up to her – at least not where six former navy SEALs are concerned.

According to a recent 30-second ad put out by a political action committee for the former SEALs, the group has joined together for one main goal: to rid America’s Congress of Pelosi’s leadership and restore honor to that seat.

The ad, put together by the SEAL PAC, portrays images of each of the six former Navy SEALS, along with their name and the congressional district they are running for in the House of Representatives. The narrator explains that these men have “sworn a blood oath to defend America. They understand that the only easy day was yesterday. They know that our enemies are no match for their strength and courage. These former Navy SEALs have protected America from enemies all over the world. Now, they have one grave threat left to defeat.”

As this last line is read, Nancy Pelosi’s image is shown, followed by the line, “Join them.”

The message is quite clear. As the ad says, these men have defended America overseas for years, risking their very lives to make sure that those of us back home are free and safe. But they have come to realize in their days since leaving the SEALs that none of that matters if our current leaders are destroying us from in the inside out as Pelosi is.

It was Pelosi who held a nearly two-year vigil, not once but twice, to get former President Donald Trump impeached, wasting both valuable time and money that could have been spent on issues that really matter to Americans. It was the California Democrat who began the image that it was okay to defy our sitting leaders and president of the United States. I mean, do you remember how she shredded his state of the union speech on live TV?

Pelosi, along with those on the far left like Chuck Schumer, then led Congress to trample on numerous American rights, all in the name of some public health crisis that has turned out to be nothing like what they told us it would be.

Pelosi moved Congress to “reform” law enforcement. Pelosi pushed for major election law changes that would destroy the integrity of how we choose our leaders. And it is Pelosi who continues the narrative that she and her ilk are better than the rest of us and, therefore, don’t have to comply with the same rules.

And so these American heroes are moving to make sure Pelosi doesn’t get her way anymore and doesn’t keep stepping all over the people she’s supposed to be representing in our nation’s capital.

Let me introduce you.

From Arizona’s 1st Congressional district is Eli Crane. Brady Duke is running for Florida’s 7th Congressional district. Ed Thelander comes from Maine’s 1st Congressional district. From Montana’s 1 Congressional District is Ryan Zinke. Morgan Luttrell is from Texas’ 8th Congressional District. And Derrick Van Orden is running to win the seat of Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District.

Zinke is undoubtedly the most distinguished of the group, serving as a former SEAL Team 6 commander and as Donald Trump’s interior secretary for a time. He left the White House in 2018, as the Democrats swept into control of the House, awarding Pelosi her seat back and ushering in a wave of accusations against nearly every Trump staff member on record.

This means that he knows full well just how “vicious and politically driven” Pelosi and her cronies can be. And he’s no longer willing to sit back and let the people of the US be walked on by her. Not that they will need it, but with any luck, Pelosi will soon find herself out of a job thanks to these former Navy SEALs.