Joe Biden Proves Yet Again Why He Needs to Succumb to Mental Fitness Test

Ron Adar /
Ron Adar /

We’re supposed to feel confident that our president is capable of handling anything and everything. Yet, when 78-year-old Joe Biden stands up at a podium, we don’t feel confident. He shakes when he walks, he stumbles when he talks, and he constantly says things that require additional interpretation.

We’ve been asking for Biden to take a mental fitness test since even before Inauguration Day. He has blatantly refused. Yet, when former president Donald Trump was asked to take such a test, he did so – and passed.

The reason Biden has refused is that he knows that he’ll fail. And when he fails, he’ll end up being booted under the 25th amendment.

The only test he’s taken is a physical fitness test. We learned that he’s got gastro reflux and spinal arthritis. However, the White House doctor was quick to identify that no cognitive exam was performed.

During a recent press conference, James Rosen with Newsmax asked a question with the “utmost respect.” He went on to share a recent poll that shows that 49 percent of registered voters disagree with the statement “Joe Biden is mentally fit.” He asked the president why he supposes that is.

His response? “I have no idea.” And that’s really the problem. He has no idea that he’s mentally unfit – and he decided that it was best to not even expand upon what was said of him or offer any kind of words to instill confidence.

We’re seeing more and more situations where Biden says something and the White House rushes to explain what he meant. Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, is constantly playing defense to make sure that people don’t lose too much confidence. Often, though, she only makes things worse because she doesn’t provide explanations. Her vague descriptions and her condescending manner only make people wonder exactly what is being hidden.

Philip Wegmann, a reporter with RealClearPolitics, asked about Biden’s comments where he called Republicans racist, particularly having to do with Bull Connor. Biden lost it at the young reporter and told him to “Go back and read what I said.”

There’s just one problem with that. We can go back and read what Biden said. And the reporter was correct. He asked if people wanted to be on the side of Dr. King or George Wallace…John Lewis or Bull Connor? He’s being divisive. He is using these examples of two opposite ends of the spectrum as a way to call for the defense of our democracy.

What’s funny is that these words are being spoken by a president who claimed that he wanted to bring unity to the country. He can’t even be civil to a reporter let alone unite a country.

And why?

Did he forget that he promised unity?

Is he incapable of realizing that the far left is manipulating him?

It wasn’t that long ago that Joe Biden was chosen as the VP for Barack Obama to provide a “moderate” pairing as Obama was considered a bit too progressive. Now, Obama is looking quite moderate in comparison to Biden.

If we’re expected to hold onto the country and to avoid looking like fools on the global platform, we have to know once and for all if Biden has the mental acuity to do the job or if he’s just the puppet for the Democratic Party.