Florida Set To Take Prominent Role in Politics in the Coming Elections

gguy / shutterstock.com
gguy / shutterstock.com

The Republican Party has grown into a powerhouse of favorites with the people. The Democrats have messed up their credibility and reliability so much that their voters are looking at crossing over and voting for the other side. And the one state that is taking the lead and producing influential Republicans is none other than the great state of Florida.

The Democrats have tried to make the state a land of wackos. They have attacked the laws and methods that Ron DeSantis and the state legislature have implemented to keep things open and free from federal control. The liberals know that the example of Florida and the way that it is run ruin their claims that the Republican’s way is one of destruction.

Many people are stating that the next Republican presidential candidate will be from Florida. Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, and others call the state home, and they all are thinking of making a run for the White House. The liberals are worried because they know that they do not have anyone that can match the popularity and level of trust found in the GOP.

Donald Trump moved his residence to the Sunshine State when New York started to attack him and his family while he was the president. Trump is still deciding if he will run again, but he would be another powerful contender and Ron DeSantis, who would whoop up on the Democrats.

The nasty Democrats have darks days ahead of them. They will have to choose to let Joe Biden be their candidate or try and replace him with someone else. And the way it is looking is that there is no soul in their wicked party that can stand up to a crowd of potentials within the Republican Party.

Newsmax reported that Ford O’Connell, a GOP strategist, had stated “You’re almost guaranteed that a Floridian will be the nominee in 2024. Until Donald Trump became a Florida resident, Florida had never had a presidential nominee or VP nominee in the state’s history. It’s gone from being an important battleground to the center of the universe for the Republican Party.”

The top names in Florida have yet to make up their minds. Some of them have stated that they have other plans, but there is still plenty of time to decide what they want to do. The potential contenders have stated that they would support whoever was chosen to run against the next liberal demon.

The run for the White House is already shaping up to be a Republican takeover. The Democrats have proven that they do not have what it takes to make decisions that will make America a more potent force for good in the world. They are content to weaken America so its enemies can move in and take whatever they want.

While the contenders decide if they’re in or they’re out, the reality is that whoever runs against the Democrats in the next election will be a much better president than the old man that sits there now.

Joe Biden could care less about the country; he’ll do what’s in his own personal best interest. He has taken America to the brink of destruction, and all he can do is sit in his rocking chair and deny that he has had anything to do with it. The progressive left control his mind and even tells him what to do, while at the same time, the other liberals are covering up his mistakes as fast as possible.

Florida will produce some powerful contenders and will be a swing state in the next election. It will likely stay red because the Democrats have lost the lead in registered voters. There were 700,000 more Democratic registered voters than Republicans at one point in Florida, but that is no longer the case. People are sick and tired of what the Democrats have done to the country, and they are ready to change with their voting voice.