HHS’s Becerra Alleges the SCOTUS Will Be Ultimately Responsible for COVID Failures

icedmocha / shutterstock.com
icedmocha / shutterstock.com

Xavier Becerra from Health and Human Services (HHS) took the time to issue a stark warning Monday. Becerra has been deeply concerned with the Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS) and their impending judgment about the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) mandate for COVID vaccines in companies with 100 or more employees. While not a surprise at all, the wording is particularly troubling.

Appearing on “CNN Newsroom,” Becerra took the opportunity to let loose. “Hopefully the plan is that the Supreme Court will recognize that the federal government, the Biden administration, has the authority to require these vaccines. We know they work. They save lives. We’ve proven it. Here at HHS, with 88,000 workers, nearly 100% of our workers are vaccinated already.” Unfortunately, he’s not correct here.

HHS is an incredibly small study with too many variables. He also did nothing to state how many have tested positive, how severe the symptoms were in the infected, or how many may have died because of COVID. Nor does he talk about the side effects he or others who have been vaccinated endured due to the vaccine. In turn, host Victor Blackwell posed a third-grade tactic of asking what would happen if they refused to heed his threatening warning.

“And if they don’t, well, I think that will be on their conscience. I think there’s some clear authority, legal authority, for us to move forward as we have proposed — both for the private sector workforce and for the health care workforce. And we understand that if we don’t get people vaccinated and covered this way, people will die, and if you’re a health care worker, for sure.”

Unfortunately for Becerra, this isn’t on anyone’s conscience at all, nor should it be. There should never be a medical requirement to have unproven medicine injected so other people feel safe from something that will likely not kill you in the first place. Yet here he goes trumpeting on and on about how good the vaccine is and how it saves lives. Yet another unfounded argument from the left that mainstream media jumps all over.

Much like the Build Back Better bill that President Biden is unable to get passed, the mandate for OSHA to do something like this is absolute nonsense. The idea of medical autonomy is something that we as a country cannot ignore or look past. People need to have the freedom to choose what is best for their bodies and their health. By taking that choice away you are preventing them from making their own informed decision.

Informed consent used to be required for medical treatment, and it is still a requirement in hospitals. It means people explain things to you so you can decide if it is in your best interests or not. This is especially important when it comes to being a medical proxy for someone who is unable to make their own medical decisions.

The idea that people need to be getting this vaccine in order to stay ‘safe’ was bad enough. Making people get it by bribery, coercion, intimidation, or force is never a good sign. It’s a bad sign when it comes to things like a project at work, a diet, or visiting your in-laws for the holidays. It’s honestly in your best interests to avoid those situations at all costs.