Biden Signals Change as President Harris Is Discussed

Nicoleta Ionescu /
Nicoleta Ionescu /

The dark reality of what lies ahead of Joe Biden could not be any more apparent than what is coming out of his mouth. On more than one occasion, the president has referred to the vice president as the president of America. For the old man to make a mistake of that magnitude in his current mental state would mean that at some point, there was a discussion about making the worthless vice president the next commander in chief.

Biden is confused, and he is getting worse every month. The Daily Wire caught on that quoted the president as stating, “Last week, President Harris and I stood in the United States Capitol.” Biden gets confused with the names of people and their positions. He has to be told what to say and how to say it with every speech he gives. But when he starts calling Harris the president, every person should start to worry about the future of America.

Harris had once compared the January 6 mess to that of Pearl Harbor and the attacks of 9/11. But the storming of the Capitol hardly compares to the invasion by the Japanese or the terrorist attacks. To even link up such an event marks conservatives as a foreign enemy. But it was at this speech Biden was referring to when he called Harris the president.

The teleprompter was supposed to be the perfect way to keep Biden from screwing up. But when he honestly thinks about Harris, he cannot see her as a vice president. He was told that she would be taking over when he was finally cast aside somewhere along the line.

The Daily Wire also noted that the president had previously referred to Harris as the president. Before Christmas, Biden stated that “… President Harris, who’s a proud Howard alum, she might have something to say about Delaware State.” When he was speaking at the commencement activities at South Carolina University.

Many wonder how Biden has made it this far into his first and last term. The old man has made a mockery of the nation as he has embarrassed the United States before the world’s other nations. But the truth is that the Democrats still need the old man to be the front face of their political nightmare. They need him to keep pushing their dangerous socialist doctrine, so he will bear the blame and be removed from office when the time comes for rejection.

Biden was out promoting several new bills that were supposedly changing the way Americans vote. They had tried it before in previous bills but failed because they tried to sneak in their fraudulent method of 2020.

The funny part about the visit that two unpopular couples made was that they were not well-received. Several groups showed up to protest their arrival and the voting plan they were trying to push on people. The Democrats need to change the voting laws to allow illegals to vote in elections. New York City has already passed a law that allows non-citizens to vote in local elections.

Tim Murtaugh was the spokesman for Donald Trump’s campaign. He stated that the president and his clone were pretty much snubbed upon their arrival. And what is the final slap in Biden’s face is that Stacy Abrams would not even show up at the rally because of the political mess Biden seems to keep getting into. She did not want him hurting her chances of being elected simply because she was seen with the old man.

Biden seems to think that he and Abrams have a great relationship. But that belief comes from a man who cannot get the titles right between himself and President Harris.

The Daily noted that Biden had made similar remarks before but a different flare. The noted that “He has also referred to President Barack Obama as ‘Barack America’ and told a wheelchair-bound veteran to ‘Stand-up!’ during a moment in a speech meant to honor the veteran for the sacrifices that he had made.” Biden and Harris are the most significant joke ever to lead the United States of America.