Biden’s Cardinal Sin: DeSantis Says Biden is Finding Scapegoats and Diverting Attention Away from His Failures

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Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor of Florida, is calling it as he sees it. He recently told conservative radio host and Fox News host Mark Levin that he believed President Joe Biden was looking for “scapegoats.” DeSantis believes that Biden is doing this search to cover for his failures in the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The governor spoke at length with the conservative host in an interview that was aired this past weekend. DeSantis noted that early on he thought that a focus on therapeutics would be both wise and necessary. He believed that the White House administration’s continued attacks on him were a significant indicator that he had made the right choice.

Levin told the governor that he was in Florida and his family was there, too. He commended DeSantis for making sure that treatments, including the monoclonal antibody therapy, were available.

“I got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, I got the booster, then I got the virus. And we looked up on the internet, and there was a center 20 miles away from where we could go to get the monoclonal antibody therapy,” Levin stated.

DeSantis responded that most of the other governors along with medical professionals like Dr. Anthony Fauci were saying that we should get a shot and wear a mask. But the federal leadership was not talking about getting treatments. He said that in Florida, they have embraced treatment because of the reality of what they had faced.

The Florida governor explained in a clip that preceded the interview that he had experienced attacks from the left and the mainstream media that showed him he was doing his job.

DeSantis said, “When you’re over the target, they’re going to come at you. If the corporate press nationally isn’t attacking me, then I’m probably not doing my job. So, the fact that they are attacking me is a good indication that I’m tackling the big issues.”

He also noted that when people look back at how the pandemic was handled, people would see a lot of “cardinal sins.” DeSantis explained that the biggest of those sins would be school closures. He said that children were locked out of school for over a year and that schools were still closed in parts of the country with unbelievable extended lockdowns. DeSantis called this a disaster and that the lack of focus on treatments from the beginning was a huge mistake.

DeSantis declared that Dr. Fauci and others like him are to blame for these mistakes. He said these leaders ignored the available treatments and they just put all their eggs and one basket.

Regarding President Biden, DeSantis said that he promised to ramp up the monoclonal antibodies, then he turned around and cut the supply. The president had months and months after treatments were demonstrated to be effective to get ready, but we just haven’t seen that move from the White House.

Gov. DeSantis said that Biden, Fauci, and others in D.C. seem to have tunnel vision in the way they are tackling the pandemic. They promote vaccines as the only correct way to handle COVID. But this is already backfiring on the White House administration.

DeSantis said that Biden got into office and, now, we are seeing a number of cases that no one anticipated were even possible. Biden’s promise to deal with COVID-19 is literally going up in smoke. So now, the governor declared, Biden’s team is trying to find a scapegoat and they are fighting with both Florida and Texas so they can divert attention from their own failures.