Schiff Spoils His Own Story…

Benjamin Clapp /
Benjamin Clapp /

To hear the political left tell their version of January 6, 2021, you’d think it was the absolute worst day in US history. And to some degree, we’d like to be able to believe them. At least, then, we might understand why they are making such a big deal about it and wanting to punish so many people.

But that’s hard to do when people like California Democrat and House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff keep not only exaggerating their stories but also making them into something not even closely related.

So what is Schiff saying that is so farfetched? Well, in truth, it’s not really even about the January 6 incursion at the Capitol complex, at least not that we really know of. After all, we weren’t there.

Instead, Schiff assumes that the day’s events and the aftermath that followed are the perfect explanation for why his party’s plans should be pushed through.

In an opinion for the Los Angeles Times on Thursday, Schiff commemorated the day’s anniversary with his own version of what happened. Like most of his party members, he regaled the audience with harrowing scenes of violence, such as being forced to wear gas masks to protect themselves from the tear gas Capitol Police were to set off as rioters entered the building.

He tells of shouting matches taking place between GOP and Democratic Party members, each blaming one another for the day’s events. He even claims that some GOP members told him to stay hidden because Schiff would undoubtedly be a target for the angry mob. (But, of course, he assumes that they would come after him, in particular…)

To be clear, the piece is rather well written and compelling to say the least. One might even think that Schiff had participated in his Hollywood district’s claim to fame a time or two. And it might even be fairly accurate to some degree. After all, the way he describes the aftermath certainly seems to contain a bit of logic.

In this portion of the piece, Schiff explains the days that followed, with GOP members being taken to task over their apparent encouragement of the actions taken that day.

It’s not really until he brings us back to the present day that things get a bit outlandish. As he explains what happened, how it was handled, and what we should do moving forward, Schiff boils it all down to one aspect of Congressional debate he thinks should be done away with: the filibuster.

I know, you are probably asking, ‘Wait, where did that come from?’ And you’d only be right to do so.

I mean, the filibuster. Not security protocols, not what Trump did or didn’t say, not even what his GOP colleagues said or did. Instead, it’s all about his belief that the filibuster should be nixed and as soon as possible.

According to him, this is how we “save our founders’ cherished legacy.” Never mind that they helped to create the filibuster, which he calls “an archaic Senate custom.”

Then again, I guess we shouldn’t really be surprised, should we?

After all, this is the same guy who has purported tales of Russian collusion for years. The same one who, after railing on Donald Trump’s failing for just as many years, become the king of impeachment, trying not just once but twice to impeach our former commander in chief. And for what? Because he had the audacity to win an election and then made legitimate deals with foreign leaders.

Even now, Schiff tries to keep himself relevant by continuing to lie about Trump, still making claims that he was the star of the January 6 incursion and, as such, should take responsibility for it. He’s also pulled former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and Ohio Republican Representative Jim Jordan into the fray, portraying them as rebellion leaders and insurrectionists.

It’s quite the imagination, isn’t it?

But as America has long known, that’s all it is. There is no truth in it and barely any logic. And as the midterm elections of November are likely to prove, there’s no place for that kind of leadership in our nation’s capital.