Biden Continues To Hide and Uses Fake Props To Make People Think He Is in His Office

Michael Warwick /
Michael Warwick /

The Democratic Party is all about fame and glamor. They invent photo shoots to make it seem like a caring and involved party. Joe Biden has recently been found to have been using props to make it seem like he is sitting in his Oval Office working hard at destroying the country. But when he decided to use a green screen to make it appear snowing, the truth came gushing out regarding how fake the old man had become.

Biden has used this setup before but for unknown reasons. Tim Murtaugh is the former communications director who worked for Donald Trump. He pointed out that there “Has there been an explanation for why they built a fake White House set for Biden across the street from the real White House? The other day there were shipping containers outside the window. Today it’s a winter wonderland. Just bizarre and phony.”

There has been no response to why Biden keeps faking his way with appearances. He has his people change the scenery to make it seem like the outdoor parts of the picture match up with what is happening outside.

The president has multiple rooms that he can use for his speeches. But he keeps right on setting up a fake office in a completely different location than where it appears he is located. One has to start wondering if he is the president at all or if someone else is calling the shots.

Stephen Miller, who served with Donald Trump, stated that “The reason Biden uses this bizarre virtual set for televised meetings—and not an actual room like East Room, Cabinet, Oval, Roosevelt, Sit Room, etc.—is because it allows him to read a script directly from a face-on monitor (& w/out teleprompter glass that can be seen on camera).”

His admission points out a critical point. The screen he uses is hidden from being detected on television. The old man goes to great lengths to hide what everyone already knows about him. Everyone knows that he reads from a screen all speeches that have been prepared ahead of time by some other party.

The president appears to be playing around and hiding the truth about his mental state. His people are going to great lengths to try and extend his stay in the White House as long as possible. Many people are beginning to wonder if it is time to pull the man out of the office and send him packing. But the next one in line is just as pointless as he has turned out to be.

The playground White House Biden has set up is another way that the Democrats are lying to the people. They wish to present a front that is different from what is taking place.

The Daily Wire found that the website put out by PolitiFact tried to present the facts as to the claims of Biden’s fake White House. They tried to report that the president has not set up a fake set for his speeches and photo opportunities. But what has been found is that he has indeed created such a place.

The prop that he used to get his COVID-19 shot was a mockup of the Oval Office. It was not the actual site that he supposedly got the jab in the arm. And here, a fact-checker is telling the people that the accusations are false, but the evidence tells a different story. The president has his protectors out spreading lies about what he is doing. They are working to cover up the truth about his health and mental state of mind.

Joe Biden has been duping the people ever since he campaigned for the presidency. He had his minions out counting fake ballots, and now he has them publishing fake stories designed to make him look like he is working for America. But the truth is that he is incapable of performing his duty as an elected official but will not step aside until his evil plan for the country has been laid in place.