Dems Can’t Even Get an Exhibit Ready About Jan 6th, Much Less Prosecute It Properly

lev radin /
lev radin /

After the protests of Jan 6th, 2021, many in the Capitol felt it was necessary to commemorate that fateful day. Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) was the first person to introduce the idea under the Capitol Remembrance Act. This would task the Architect of the Capitol (A.O.C.) with designing an exhibit that “depicts the attack on the Capitol that occurred on January 6, 2021.”

He wasn’t alone though. 22 other House Democrats were assigned to the task, and all failed by monumental proportions. Reps. Crow and Susan Wild (D-PA) were the main sponsors of the bill for this act, and they felt that this was a counter to the actions of that date. When they started this task back in March 2021, they seemed so full of life and vigor over the issue. As if this act would change the history of the event, or make them look less sheepish than they did on that day.

Both Reps. Crow and Wild were very outspoken on this back in March, too. Crow claimed “January 6th was one of the darkest days of our democracy. Two months later, we’ve already seen people in positions of public trust try to dismiss the attacks as insignificant. The Capitol Remembrance Act would serve as a memorial to the heroic law enforcement officers who lost their lives and a reminder to future generations that our democracy is only as strong as our willingness to uphold it.”

Not to be outdone Rep. Wild had to add her two pennies in, too. “On January 6th, our democracy was tested in unprecedented ways. Domestic terrorists carried racist and anti-Semitic symbols into the Capitol and across the complex, committed acts of vandalism and desecration in offices and on the floor of the chamber, and, most tragically, engaged in a rampage of violence. What happened in the U.S. Capitol that day must never be allowed to happen again. Our effort will help ensure the sobering consequences of violent, anti-democratic rhetoric may never be lost to history.”

Yet, we have heard crickets on the topic since May 17, 2021, when Bennie Thompson (D-MS) cosponsored the legislation. Since then, it was referred over to the House Committee on Administration where it has sat without any notable progress. With President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris set to be on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6th to deliver speeches to mark the anniversary of the protests, it’s almost as if they are trying to silence the actual history of that day.

When the only way you want to commemorate a day in American history is with strongly slanted political speeches and smatterings of applause to the mud you’re slinging at your opponent, it’s a bad sign. Yet here come the Democrats ready to celebrate in exactly that manner. While this isn’t the normal way of doing things, this also isn’t a normal day to be making a memorial out of. This is one of few times in history where the American people said “enough is enough” and staged a protest that occurred directly at a government building.

The events of how that protest played out (including their gaining access inside) are largely debated, the people who were directly involved are being tried and sentenced in near secrecy. It’s almost as if they know they have no real case and are just railroading people through the system. Something that the Democrats are experts in, despite their public claims of hatred for the idea. For now, we just have to sit back and gather what evidence we can and wait for their next big smattering of lies about that fateful date.