Could Liberals Have Found a Loophole to Take More Guns? Here’s What The Firearms Policy Coalition Thinks You Should Know About Current Gun Laws

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Just this week, the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) showed up to support a very pivotal court case. This is arguably one of the most controversial questions at the core of the Second Amendment debate and hopefully, this Third Circuit court case can give us some answers.

We all know we will never be able to truly put it to rest because a country whose citizens can defend themselves can’t be taken over very easily. Therefore, the government does not find this to be very favorable. I mean, If you take into consideration just the amount of registered guns every man named Bubba in the south has possession of, the government would meet its match with simply a fraction of the state of Texas.

Pretty much all of us are aware that when you become a felon in the United States you lose your 2A rights. The FPC has a case study of Bryan Range v. Atty General of the U.S. that is gaining some well-deserved traction.

We must know just how cautious we need to be when we determine what a criminal is, how serious the crime he committed is before we withdraw his rights to bear arms. Being a felon is one thing but most people aren’t privy to the fact that misdemeanors will prevent us from losing our 2A rights as well.

Bryan Range is not a felon. Over two decades ago, he fudged the numbers to obtain food stamps during hard times for his family. That is simply a nonviolent misdemeanor. He did not serve any jail time and reimbursed the government back all the monies he had received and has remained a peaceful member of society, held a job, and been an all-around model citizen.

However, all of that is null and void due to the fact that he had a conviction over two decades. He is forever unconstitutionally banned from being able to exercise his rights to the Second Amendment. This means when they ask you for your weight or height when giving info for your driver’s license, most of us should just go turn ourselves in because half of the population is made up of women and the other half is made up of men and one set is mainly responsible for fibbing about their weight and the other is responsible for storytelling related to height.

We’ll leave it up to you to decipher which one belongs to which category. This being said, any of us at any time could have our second amendment rights revoked due to a fiblet (that’s what we call lies to make ourselves feel better).

FPC’s Joseph Greenlee said “Mr. Range is completely and forever prohibited from possessing firearms based on a 26-year-old nonviolent misdemeanor conviction, The founders never intended for someone like him to be deprived of the right to own a firearm for any period of time, let alone for life. We believe that the Court should hold the government’s prohibition unconstitutional and restore his Second Amendment rights.”

While we don’t know how long the Second Amendment will be around to worry about at the rate things are evolving, the real question is how can we can lose our rights over something so small here in America? And we have current congressmen fighting like their lives depend on it to see to it that illegal aliens can vote in our local elections.

Some might say things are just crazy these days, but I say maybe we need to stop smelling the roses for two minutes because we’re losing everything all those sacrificed their lives for.