Massive PCR Test Flaw Shocks Nation As Republicans Demand an Explanation

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The Center for Disease Control is another organization that has turned its back on Americans and embraced the liberal ideology of lying and cheating. The COVID-19 virus has exposed many areas where the liberals have been lying to the people. At the start of the pandemic, the CDC demanded that people stay in quarantine for two weeks. And they had to test negative before they could ever rejoin the population.

But now, it seems that those tests were giving inconsistent results with the transmission of the virus. Rochelle Walensky is the CDC director, and she is the one that has confessed. The PCR tests tell people they are infected and contagious when they are not contagious, in truth. People are ticked off with the news because the CDC has been lying to the American people for nearly two years.

In an interview on ABC, Walensky stated that “The newly updated CDC guidelines don’t require testing at the end of isolation because PCR tests can stay positive for up to 12 weeks. So we would have people in isolation for a very long time if we were relying on PCRs.” And that is precisely what the liberals want to do with people. The people were told to stay in their homes and isolated until the test read negative.

The problem with the CDC comes down to how long they knew about the problem. And it certainly seems that they knew for some time since they were finally coming clean with their lies. Walensky admitted that “We do know that the most sensitive test you can do is a PCR test. So if you have symptoms and you have a negative antigen test, we do ask you to go and get a PCR to make sure those symptoms are not attributable to COVID.”

But when the tests are so sensitive, they keep people in quarantine longer than they should be. The point Walensky tried to pass off was that people could fight the virus independently. But no one can come right out and say those words because it would undermine all of the terror and lies that the Democrats have been pushing for years.

Behind the mandates was the need for the liberals to control everyone. And now that they have pushed the pandemic as far as they can, they need to find a way of backing it off and looking like a hero in the process.

Walensky pointed out that people are not isolated as they should be. She says that science shows that only a third of sick people isolate as they should. It might just be that the people know a lot more than the so-called experts do about the virus and know that they do not need to stay in bed for two weeks. All because the human body fights the virus off all by itself.

No one wants to listen to the CDC anymore because the top doctors have changed their stories so many times that no one knows if they are telling the truth. Walensky would not come out and agree with the accusation that people were sitting at home longer than they should because of a test that was made way too sensitive.

At one point, the idea of the PCR tests being unreliable was downplayed as fiction. But now the tables have turned, and people are coming out and telling the world that their PCR tests cannot be trusted. The CDC has finally moved up to current information and found out that ordinary people know what they are talking about.

The whole issue comes down to the CDC not telling the truth about the tests when they realized that they were faulty. But with the liberals trying to control every facet of society, the truth would have been a shocker for them.

The United States population has lost billions of dollars at the hands of the pandemic-pushing Democrats. And now that people are sick and tired of their trashy talk, they want to change their stories and make their lies sound patriotic. The liberals lie, and they have no problem with doing it at all.